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From December 2016, these web pages will look at issues in food security, environment and sustainable agriculture. There will be little of secondhand opinion. Direct experience will inform the content – measurements, analysis and modelling of agro-ecosystems in Britain, Europe and the tropics.

Most agroecosystems are under threat, subject to too much ‘take’, lack of understanding and poor management. Yet the principles underlying stability and degradation are the same whether moist tropical, semi-arid, cold boreal or temperate. Here, the maritime Atlantic-zone croplands of northern Britain, the subject of much recent study, will provide anchorage, a base from which to understand complex ecological nets and cascades.

At present, ‘posts’ and general content are all accessible from the right hand menu. ‘This site’ gives more on the origins and background. New content including latest posts  is shown below.

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Geoff Squire worked at the James Hutton Institute, Dundee UK (previously the Scottish Crop Research Institute) for a quarter century ending September 2018. He continues as a formal honorary associate of the Institute, maintaining close working links with staff, students and current projects.

Contact: geoff.squire@outlook.com, geoff.squire@hutton.ac.uk

Twitter : https://twitter.com/curvedflatlands

The Living Field outreach project www.livingfield.co.uk shares the aims and some of the images of this site.

At The James Hutton Institute: Personal staff page and Agroecology pages explain more about the science, funding and people I work with.